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Tutorial: Tips on avoiding “error uploading image”

a tutorial on how to avoid this when uploading gifs to tumblr:


So this is an issue that has been annoying me for a while and i’m sure a lot of other gif makers on tumblr. I long for the day when tumblr will fix this problem but until then i’ve made this short tutorial to help avoid these issues.

1. So you’ve uploaded your gifs to tumblr, all excited to post your lovely gifs but you suddenly get that annoying error message after minutes of waiting for your gifs to save. Now if I am dealing with a photoset, i wait a few seconds after the error message appears and the gifs that didn’t upload should disappear (if you’re lucky only a few will disappear)  now i know which gifs i have to deal with. The important thing is to not close anything on photoshop incase you have to go back and edit the psd which you most likely will have to do.

2. Brightness:  When making a psd or putting a psd on your gif, make sure your gif is not too bright, especially if the gif is already bright or is outdoors.  I see a lot of gifs and many people make they’re gifs brighter than necessary. Even adding levels to make your gif darker will help and it will also add a lot of contrast and make your gif look better overall.

3. Vibrance/Saturation: This seems to be a big problem when uploading gifs to tumblr. I cannot stress enough that adding too much vibrance/saturation is a sure fire way of getting an error message while uploading gifs to tumblr, especially if the gif has a lot of “cyan” or “magenta” colours. Your gif can still be vibrant but if a person in your gif looks like they’ve had a bad sunburn you know you’ve added too much.

4.Now this is a tip i saw as an answer from one of the blogs i follow on tumblr and unfortunately i cannot remember who it was so i do not take credit for this tip (if this blog is reading this somehow message me  and i’ll credit you) . So basically if you’re out of options and you’ve tried everything possible, download this psd and put it over the gif (do not remove the psd you already have on your gif) and delete the curves layer in the psd. This has probably helped me the most when uploading gifs to tumblr.

Please like or reblog if this was helpful! If you guys have any more tips, message us and i will add it to this tutorial and credit you. thanks!


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